August, 2021
Lamdas, zip files and streams

Notes on how stuff can..not work when trying to extract a zip file inside a lambda.

June, 2021
Is Node.js really single-threaded?

Well, it depends on how you look at it.

September, 2020
Self hosted website analytics, on a budget

How to set up analytics with Umami, Vercel and Amazon RDS in under an hour.

August, 2020
A request cache for client side apps in under 40 LOC

Cache strategy to avoid duplicate requests and facilitate local reasoning.

July, 2020
There and back again

Notes on moving this blog to Next.js and everything else that has changed.

July, 2018
Why CSS in JS deserves your attention

Slides from the presentation I gave recently about the whole CSS in JS debacle and why we should be looking at it more seriously.

May, 2018
EmberJS 2018 - My Wishlist

The EmberJS core team has called for blog posts as the first step in the 2018 roadmap. Here's what I'd like to see over this year and the next.

April, 2018
Rewriting the blog with Gatsby

Thoughts on moving this blog to Gatsby and why I'm never building websites the old way again.

February, 2018
Strategies for Gulp.js at scale

Tips for keeping gulp manageable and fast on large projects.

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