Harris Jose

Software Engineer


Building fast and responsive web experiences. Thinking about developer tools, user interfaces and design systems. Senior software engineer at Chronicle HQ.



Whipping up a text editor and thinking about presentations on the web. Getting my hands dirty with Typescript and Rust.
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August, 2020
A request cache for client side apps in under 40 LOC

Cache strategy to avoid duplicate requests and facilitate local reasoning.

July, 2020
There and back again

Notes on moving this blog to Next.js and everything else that has changed.

February, 2018
Strategies for Gulp.js at scale

Tips for keeping gulp manageable and fast on large projects.

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2021 - Present
2019 - 2021
Chennai, India & Remote
Core developer in the platform team focussing on front-end architecture.
2018 - 2019
Zoho Payments & Banking
Chennai, India
Worked on payment gateway and bank integrations for the Finance Suite of products.
2016 - 2018
Zoho Checkout & Subscriptions
Chennai, India
Primary front-end engineer for Zoho Checkout.